Shocking Progressive House For Serum 2

Shocking Progressive House For Serum 2 is the ultimate soundset for Serum, featuring a vast array of meticulously crafted sounds to elevate your productions. This exceptional collection includes mesmerizing lead sounds, designed to captivate listeners with their euphoric melodies and rich harmonies. Immerse yourself in a world of lush textures and captivating atmospheres with the beautiful synth, pad and pluck sounds. Crafted to perfection, these sounds will transport your listeners to ethereal realms, filling the sonic landscape with warmth and depth!


Product details

• 70 Xfer Records Serum VSTi Presets • 31 Lead Sounds • 6 Bass Sounds • 18 Synth Sounds • 9 Pluck Sounds • 1 Guitar Sound • 1 Piano Sound • 4 Pad Sounds • 76 MIDI Loops • 13 Custom Wavetables • 4 Macro Controls Assigned • ModWheel Assigned • 100% Royalty-Free

Requirements: This soundset requires Xfer Records Serum 1.350 or higher

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