Terms & Conditions

The downloadable products we sell (presets, drum samples, MIDI, sound FX) can be used in your releases without paying any additional royalties to the rights owners. If there are ever any exceptions to this rule then the terms of the exception will be made very clear on the relevant product page. When you buy a product from us, the price includes a license to use the samples/midi/sounds/drums in your music releases, royalty-free. Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase.

You have a non-exclusive license to each sound that you download from Vandalism, meaning other users can also use the same sounds as you without infringing on any New Recording or Creative Works you create using that sound and vice versa. The use of sounds from Vandalism in your New Recording or Creative Work does not impact your ownership of that newly created content, however,  you don’t own the exclusive rights to those samples. Other Vandalism users can use the same sounds without infringing on your New Recording or Creative Work and vice versa.
We don’t restrict copyright registration for New Recordings or Creative Works you make using Vandalism, but recommend consulting your own legal counsel for further information on matters concerning copyright registration. All samples available on Vandalism are licensed to users non-exclusively, meaning multiple users can use the same sample in their own works without infringing on each other's intellectual property rights insofar as it pertains to that sample.

As a part of Vandalism, you may have access to vocals (vocal packs) that MAY BE hosted by another party (Public Rights Organisations). Any vocals accessed trough Vandalism is accessed at your own risk, and you shall be solely responsible for any damage to your property. No advice or information, wheter oral or written, obtained from Vandalism will create any warranty not expressly made herein.
We obligate ourselves to work only with FREE artists, that don't have any agreement with PROs, Publishing or Record Labels. Our artists sell us 100% rights of their work. However you agree that it is impossible for Vandalism to monitor such contracts they could have and that you access these materials at your own risk.  However agreements between Vandalism and Artists say that Artists aren't allowed to copyright work for hire, orderd by Vandalism.

CUSTOM VOCALS - When you order custom vocals  you have to declare 25 - 50 % rights to the writer, composer or singer. 

VOCALS+ Please note, they aren't exclusive vocals, but limited only to a few clients. Therefore, it is prohibited from registering the vocal or the song with any content identification system. Vandalism will still be the owner of the vocal track and the ownership won’t be transferred.