These talented session singers are available to lay down vocals for your tracks.

Non-commercial release:
you will receive a vocal which is 100% royalty-free (if used in a non-commercial release). You are not allowed to use the vocalists name.

Commercial release:
if you use a vocal in a commercial release, please declare the following royalty splits at your local author society:

25 - 50% music & lyrics composer (dependant on the number of bars provided).
Full royalty rights can be purchased for an additional cost at the discretion of the vocalist.

You are obligated to declare if you want to use the name of the vocalist singing in your track. However, vocalists have the right to refuse the use of their names. You will enter into a contract with the vocalist during the production & distribution process.

You will receive a rough demo of your vocal. If it is not to your satisfaction, you will receive a 2nd demo. Once you accept it, your vocal line will be recorded by the vocalist of your choice.

Demo & final vocal approval:
Once the demo or final vocal is approved, it cannot be changed, or re-recorded. If for a reason we do not receive any feedback from you, we close the order after 48 hours. The final vocal may differ slightly from the demo in accordance with the personal style and vibe of the vocalist that you choose.

We believe that you will love the work that we provide you with. We are unable to accept any refunds unless a bad vocal has been given. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to refund 50% of the purchase cost. All rights to the vocal, vocal line and lyrics belong to us. Make sure you know what you are looking for, and with 100% sure we will provide it to you!

Top line/chorus: (8BARS) 89 GBP + TAX
Verse + chorus: (16BARS) 149 GBP + TAX
2 verses + chorus: (24BARS) 219 GBP + TAX
2 verses + bridge + chorus: (32BARS) 259 GBP + TAX
Lyrics: 39 GBP + TAX


Kevin is a 28 year old singer-songwriter currently attending the Berklee School of Music in Boston, MA. He pulls inspiration from R&B and Neo Soul and has a powerful voice that’s perfect for any track.


Ina have signed with multiple record labels in the past decade, and reached over 10 million streams online. Her credits include Elle Varner, 50cent, Armin van Buuren, DJ Chuckie, and many more artists you know or may not know.


Alisa is a vocalist, songwriter and producer based in Los Angeles with 10+ years of vocal and music theory training. Alisa can fully immerse herself in any song and take the listener on a heartfelt journey.


Ivy is a dedicated Pop vocalist and songwriter, based in LA. She has a style similar to Kehlani, Jhené Aiko, and Summer Walker and uses a specific style of singing similar to soul and incorporates freestyle ab-libs and riffs in all of her music.


Gregory is a singer-songwriter & producer. His catchy lyrics & vocals have been featured on Grammy Award winner, Tiësto's single "I'll Take you High". His sound really pulls you in. His voice is warm, deep and beautiful!


Giang Pham has been working with music producers from all over the world for 8 years. She singed on two chart-topping tracks, that scored 50 millions views each! Her acapellas will easily find a place in any of Electronic music production!


Japanese American Pop artist Mikara creates music that makes you want to move while simultaneously tugging at your heart strings. Her honey coated vocals dance around electronic pop beats while pouring her heart out over lyrics straight from the soul.


Maya is an Los Angeles based producer and writer who loves EDM music and happens to have a good voice as well. She’s happy you’re here and hopes you can use her vocals to help find your sound and grow as a producer and creative!


Jacobi has always had a strong love for music. Growing up singing in the church is how this R&B/Pop crooner developed his singing craft. Jacobi is very well-versed in entertainment. His experience includes singing, songwriting, producing, playing the piano and drums.


Delmar is singer/songwriter/vocalist from Zimbabwe. I started singing when I was 10 years old in church and from then it has been my passion to share my voice with the rest of the world. I have worked with big producers and artist all over the world and I just I begun my journey!


Marco is a freestyle rapper crossing all boarders in this field. He has been featured in some top dance tracks and has credits to many songwriter tracks. He is just perfect for Trap tracks, but as well as House music.


Singer, songwriter with a wide range of writing/vocal ability. Attended the University of Miami’s Frost School of music and currently based in LA. She has over 1 million steam all across the platforms.


Sahara has collaborated with famous producers including Purple Disco Machine and Co-written for Toby Romeo & Mell Hall. She is a true pioneer in the music industry and a class songwriter & singer.


World renown Vocalist. Over 5 million totals views and 130K subscribers. Written and performed originals that have over 7 million Spotify streams, placed original content on TV shows like OWN’s Black Love docuseries.


Elise is a recording artist and songwriter from San Francisco, CA. She was a classically trained pianist from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. With her exemplary background in music, Elise was the second place winner of ETTV’s Top Idol in 2011 at age 16.