Choose right musician for your next track.
Attach demo of your production.
Within next 14 - 21 business days you will receive your fully recorded, cleaned and mixed file.

Non-commercial release:
you will receive a loop which is 100% royalty-free (if used in a non-commercial release).

Commercial release:
if you use a loop in a commercial release, please declare the following royalty splits at your local author society:
20% music composer
Full royalty rights can be purchased for an additional cost at the discretion of the musician.

you will receive a first loop. If it is not to your satisfaction, you will receive a 2nd one. Once it approved it cannot be changed or re-record. If for a reason we do not receive any feedback from you, we close the order after 48 hours.

we believe that you will love the work that we provide you with. We are unable to accept any refunds unless a bad loop has been given. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to refund 50% of the purchase cost. All rights to the loop belong to us. Make sure you know what you are looking for, and with 100% sure we will provide it to you!

Acoustic Guitar

Finding the right person to record your material is not only difficult but also an essential part of a successful project. Take your chance with our Acoustic Guitarist.


Wild solos, subtle lines, punchy hooks - professional Sax player with years of experience.

Electric Guitar

Professional sounds and parts are what you get when hiring our Electric Guitarist. Whether it's top line or chords, you'll take your recording to the next level in quality.


Crazy melodies and unbelievable taste of music - this is what differs our Trumpet Players from the others!