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Uberjak'd stays at the forefront of the new wave of Australian club producers impacting the global electronic scene. Signed to Dim Mak, Ministry of Sound & Mixmash!

1. What is the best part about being a producer?

- Being creative, getting that idea you had in your head out into your daw and then into a finished song! 



2. How did it all start for you?

- So its a bit of a funny story but back 5 or so years ago i wasn’t really that into electronic music, i mostly listened to DnB, and Hip hop, I was also really into cars. It was one day i was out hooning like a little rebel and i lost it while in the hills and had pretty much a near death experience, i remember gripping the wheel and saying to myself “ i need a new hobby”. So at the time i was just starting to get into electronic music, stuff by Fedde Le Grand, John Dahlback , Eric Prydz. i remember listening to the music and going hey this isn’t that complex i should try make this stuff, so i got myself a copy of ableton and locked my door and pretty much taught myself what i know. once i started to make better music i started getting booked in clubs playing most of the music i produced, thats a bit of a short story but its pretty much how it all started for me.



3. What would you be doing now if it wasn't for music?

- Music, i don’t think i would want to do anything else, no matter what happens till the day i die ill be doing something with music i think.



4. Is talent, hard work, or the connections you make the most important factor for being successful?

- I don’t think there is any one thing, but hard work is important! Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard!



5. When do you usually make music?

- Whenever i can, last year was really busy touring wise, i was away from home a lot so i didn’t get the chance to spend as much time as i wanted in the studio, learning to produce in hotel rooms and on headphones is something you have to do now days with how busy touring schedules can get!



6. What is your favorite synthesizer? Which one do you use most in your productions?

- It would have to be my virus ti snow, can’t go past it when you want a big warm sound!



7. Do you work on mastering/mixing by yourself? Favorite Compressor/ Limiter//Maximizer ?

- Over the past year because i haven’t been able to get into studio much I have had other engineers mix my tunes, but I think what i have learned from all that is that mixing is a really important part of your “sound” mixing your own tunes gives your own character and people want to hear you i think so now i do all my own mixing, as for mastering i think its important to get that done professionally. I will always get a track sounding good in a club, then the mastering usually just balances it out so it will sound good on laptops/radio/hi fi etc. you can’t go past the sausage fattener when you wanna get loud! It's a sick limiter if you know how to get the best out of it.



8. What was the best reaction you've gotten when a fan got to meet you?

I’m just happy to have any fans! You wouldn’t be anywhere without them, i just feel blessed to have people that support my music its a great feeling!


9. How did you discover Vandalism?

- Trough other djs/friends recommending plugins/presets.


10. What makes you choose Vandalism over other competitors?

Quality! The sounds are always really clean, after some eq and compression they will always sound really massive!

*All pictures of Uberjak'd come from his facebook. Follow him for more!