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Tuning Your Drums


One thing that separates good tracks from great tracks is drum tuning. Having your drums tuned correctly to the track will make them fit better with the rest of your mix.

There are two main ways we can tune our drums: by ear or via analyzers. 

When tuning your drums by ear, simply play your entire track and pitch your drum sample up and down by semitone increments, listening for which pitch sounds the best. 


To tune your drums with an analyzer, you need to know the key of your track. First, we will figure out what note our drum is playing using a tuner or a spectrum analyzer, such as the free plugin SPAN by Voxengo. To use the spectrum analyzer, put the plugin on your drum channel.

Then, loop the sample and find the lowest frequency spike, as this is the root of your drum sample. Then, tune your drum sample to the root note of your song. Alternatively, tuning it to the 3rd of 5th of your key can sound pleasing. As always, trust your ears!



You can also find the key of your drum by using GTune plugin. Here re some useful links: