Shocking Trap For Serum

'Shocking Trap For Serum' is an outstanding Xfer Records Serum soundset and must-have product for producers looking to get the sound of current Trap and Festival Trap music. These solemn patches were carefully crafted to give you instand ideas. Inside this up-to-date pack you are supposed to find cleverly designed, innovative and smashing sounds that will inspire you!

These presets are truly different, designed with maximum precision and definitely beyond the trends. Don't waste your time and grab this comprehensive soundset! Product Details: 64 Xfer Records Serum Presets 36 Lead Sounds 20 Synth Sounds 6 Pluck Sounds 2 Sequence Sounds 4 Macro Controls Assigned ModWheel Assigned 100% Royalty-Free Requirements Xfer Records Serum v.1.0.44+

SKU: Shocking Trap For Serum
Categories: Sounds , Soundsets , Serum
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