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10 Short Questions With Riggi & Piros


East Coast superstars Anthony Riggi and James Piros, AKA Riggi & Piros, have been making New Jersey proud while simultaneously taking the Big Room scene by storm with their larger than life sounds and massive remixes.  Not wasting any time getting their careers started, the duo started DJing at just 16, and got into production at 17. After only a year of production they had their first Beatport/iTunes release with Clockwork’s “Surge” (Riggi & Piros remix) that charted in the Beatport Top 20, an accomplishment that takes others years to achieve. If anyone had doubts as to whether these two up-and-comers could achieve success in this industry, they were quickly put to bed in 2013. In that year the duo saw huge releases on Buygore Records including their breakout original mix “Taboo”, as well as their remix of Borgore, Waka Flocka Flame, & Paige’s hit “Wild Out” which garnered a spot on the remix EP released by Dim Mak Records. With well-earned support from superstar acts like Hardwell, Tiesto, Nicky Romero, W&W, David Guetta, Borgore, Nervo, Porter Robinson, R3hab, Martin Garrix, and more, Riggi & Piros are definitely a duo that everyone is going to be talking about in 2014. Keep an eye and ear out for these two East Coast champions, because they’ll be making a lot of noise in the near future.

1. What is the best part about being a producer?
- Being able to let our creative side take over & the sounds we want to make. Seeing people going crazy to the music you've made is an unreal experience.


 2. How did it all start for you?
- We started producing about 2 years ago because we were sick of just playing other peoples music. We wanted to make our own creations!



3. What would you be doing now if it wasn't for music?
- To be honest we have no idea. Probably in a classroom somewhere learning about something that we don’t even care about.To be honest we have no idea. Probably in a classroom somewhere learning about something that we don’t even care about


4. Is talent, hard work, or the connections you make the most important factor for being successful?
- Talent and hard work are always the base for success. Connections can help but they can never fully get you there.


5. When do you usually make music?
-  Everyday when we’re not on the road. We built a new studio a couple weeks ago and the only time we leave is to play shows.



6. What is your favorite synthesizer? Which one do you use most in your productions?
- We love Sylenth, Spire, & Nexus for sure, synthesizer wise. Most used one would have to be Sylenth.



7. Do you work on mastering/mixing by yourself? Favorite Compressor/ Limiter/Maximizer ?
- Yes we mix and master everything ourselves and sometimes for other people too. I love the Waves L2 limiter, & iZotope Ozone for EQ and dynamics. 

8. What was the best reaction you've gotten when a fan got to meet you?
- We always love meeting the people that support us. One time someone got our names shaved into there head, that was sick. We always love taking pictures with people too.

9. How did you discover Vandalism?
- We were never a big Sylenth fan before I found the Vandalism shocking packs. A friend told us to get one and ever since then I used Sylenth (& Shocking) for almost everything.

10. What makes you choose Vandalism over other competitors? 
- The sheer quality of the synths and how flexible they are when it comes to the different things you can to do with them. Super up to date sounds.

*All pictures of Riggi & Piros come from their facebook. Follow them for more!