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How To Start Mixing


When beginning the mixing stage, it can often be a daunting task deciding where to start. This is especially true in modern production, where project files can reach upwards of 100 tracks. There is one simple approach we can take to make our mixing decisions easier. To do this, we need to decide what the most important elements of our track are, and do everything to make them shine.


     To begin, in each section of your track, decide what the most important element of the track is. For a pop song, it’s likely the vocal, or for an electronic song it may be the kick or the lead synth. Since this is the most important element of you track, the job of every other track is to highlight your most important element. Approaching mixing with this mentality will make the mixing decision-making process easier. With each channel, ask yourself how important the channel is and how can it help make your main element shine.

To summarize:

Identity the most important element of your track.

 Mix every other track to this element, making the most important element the main focus.