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How To Find The Chords Of Any Songs


One of the best ways to become a better musician is to break down popular tracks and learn why they work. However, especially in electronic music, it can be very difficult to figure out what chords a producer is using. Here is a great trick to help transcribe the chords of nearly any track. As a side note, knowing the key of your song and which notes are in that key will help make this process easier. Bring a song into your DAW and put a spectrum analyzer on the track.



During the main section of the song, find the lowest frequency spike on your spectrum analyzer (i.e. the bass note). This will be the root note of your first chord (98% of the time). Next, ask yourself if the chord sounds happy or sad. This will tell you whether your chord is major (happy) or minor (sad). The last step is to invert the chord to find the same voicing as the chord in the song (Google “triad inversion” if you are unfamiliar with inverting chords). Finally, do this for every chord in the chord progression