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Hard_Hitting Drums


When you are in the final stages of your track, often times it is easy for your drums to be lost in the mix. However, boosting their volume often leaves them sounding distorted when you run them through your mastering limiter. A great solution to this problem is a transient shaper. Transient shapers are a great way to make your drums sound louder with a stronger punch and attack. Alternatively they can also be used to soften the attack or release of your drums.

One of the most popular transient shapers is Transient Shaper 2 by Schaack Audio Technologies. Adding a small amount of attack to your drums can help them clearly punch through the mix. 



Alternatively, there are several great free transient shapers, such as Bittersweet by Flux. Bittersweet offers a simple interface with a great sound. It also offers mid-side capabilities, given you additional control over the shape of your sounds.


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