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EQ Matching


Often times when referencing a professional track it can be difficult to achieve a similar loudness and tonal balance.

Using EQ Matching, we can analyze the EQ spectrum of a track and apply it to our own.


            The classic example of this is to take the EQ spectrum of a reference track and apply it to ours during the mastering stage.

This will allow the mix of our track to sound closer to that of a professional.



            Plenty of plugins offer the ability to EQ match, and we can do it in nearly any DAW. For example, Fabfilter’s Pro-Q2 allows us to capture the EQ spectrum of track and apply it to another. To set this up, you’ll need to route your reference track into your main track (i.e. the one you wish to EQ). Next, under the analyzer section, click “EQ Match”, and then click Input to capture the input source. You can then adjust how dramatic the EQ effect is.