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10 Short Questions With Eddie Thoneick

The German musical whirlwind that is Eddie Thoneick has fast become one of the most exciting and in-demand acts in the world of dance music – fact. Whether he’s demolishing crowds across the planet with his uncomp​romisi​ng, high-octane DJ sets, setting intern​ational charts ablaze with an insane arsenal of exquisite produc​tions, or continuing his streng​thening relati​onship with the legendary Subliminal label, Eddie Thoneick’s reputation as one of the finest masters of house music cannot be questioned. His rise to intern​ational supers​tardom is both inspiring and wholly deserved.

1. What is the best part about being a producer?
- I think the best part for me is being able to put my thoughts and emotions into music. As I´m playing various instruments like Piano, Bass, Guitar and Drums I have the possibility to create a wide range of musical styles. This gives me the freedom of combining all sort of musical styles with dance music which I think gives my tracks a unique touch. 


 2. How did it all start for you?
- I started Djing at the age of 15 in 1993 and a couple of years later I wanted to create my own House tracks. So I started with an Atari ST, Akai S2000 Sampler and a Midi Keyboard. So it all was sample based at that point.

3. What would you be doing now if it wasn't for music?
- The good thing is I studied  and finished my degree in 2006. So I would probably go into the normal day job. But as music is where my heart is I couldn´t imagine my life without it.


4. Is talent, hard work, or the connections you make the most important factor for being successful?
- Totally. I think it´s combination of it all. Having talent isn’t enough..You have to be at the right place at the right time and meet the right people in order to put your music out there. You always pass failure on your way to success and I was turned down loads of times before being able to put my music out there. In the 90´s it was much easier putting music out there as not so many people have been producing as today. Today because of the digital age it is much more difficult as everyone has the possibility to produce at home. So you have a lot of competitors out there and it´s much more difficult,

5. When do you usually make music?
-  I´m in my studio everyday. I get up at 6.30 am, make a coffee and start working. I´m trying to do it like normal business hours. From 7am-12pm and 2pm-5pm. The thing is that as a producer you can quickly loose that social connection if you get lost in production ;)



6. What is your favorite synthesizer? Which one do you use most in your productions?
- There´s so much great tools out there but only a few that really stand out. At the moment my favorite Synth are Synthmaster, Spire, Omnisphere2 and the classics Sylenth1, Zebra and Ace.


7. Do you work on mastering/mixing by yourself? Favorite Compressor/ Limiter/Maximizer ?
- I do mix my tracks myself and do some premastering. But I leave the mastering to someone else as they have a fresh and objective ear. The stuff I always use are these: BX-Digital V2 for stereo imaging, SSL  Master Buss Compressor or VSC-2 Compressor, Sonox Oxford Limiter, BX-Limiter or BX-XL V2.

8. What was the best reaction you've gotten when a fan got to meet you?
- There´ve been so many beautiful moments in my career during Djing that it´s hard to say. I think the thing that keeps you going as a producer is seeing that you touch people by doing what you do. It´s the best thing in the world hearing people say that your song made their lives better. Msuic is such a powerful tool and it can make people forget their everyday problems for a while.

9. How did you discover Vandalism?
- I´m always watching out for fresh samples & sound banks for my productions and by browsing thru the internet a while back I discovered you.

10. What makes you choose Vandalism over other competitors? 
- Vandalism create tools that are future oriented. They really stand out as their sounds are not just average but makes you take your productions a step further. Their sound is always fresh and crisp and can add that additional 20% to your tracks.

*All pictures of Eddie Thoneick come from his facebook. Follow him for more!