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10 Short questions with DVBBS


DVBBS (pronounced “dubs”) is a Canadian dance music duo formed in 2012, composed of brothers Chris Chronicles (b. Christopher van den Hoef, January 1, 1990) and Alex Andre (b. Alexandre van den Hoef, October 17, 1991). They are most famous for their joint international hit with Borgeous titled "Tsunami". The vocal remix of "Tsunami" entitled "Tsunami (Jump)", featuring Tinie Tempah, reached number 1 on the United Kingdom and Scotland charts.

1. What is the best part about being a producer?
Trying everyday to reinvent an original but still a familiar sound. Also, the feeling you get when you test out a new track idea, and you see the crowds reaction, certifying it as a banger!

2. How did it all start for you?
We taught ourselves how to play guitar, bass and drums starting around the age of 12. We wrote and performed our songs at underground punk/reggae shows. (20-800 audience) Alex was about 16 I was seventeen when we made our first electronic song, based of a remix of one our reggae songs. Previous though, the only EDM I had heard and enjoyed was Showtek as a hard style act. 

3. What would you be doing now if it wasn't for music?
Playing professional soccer or own my soccer academy and Alex would probably in the film industry.

4. Is talent, hard work, or the connections you make the most important factor for being successfull? 
It's all one big package. You need to have all of them. Its takes years of hard work and time invested.

5. When do you usually make music?
Now on the road. On airplanes, cars and hotel rooms. When i'm off for three days off or something its spent all in the studio.

6. What is your favorite synthesizer? Which one do you use most in your productions?
Currently Serum. 

7. Do you work on mastering/mixing by yourself?Favorite Compressor/ Limiter//Maximizer ?
Well I mix while I go along but I get a stem mix and master from a professional company through Spinnin' records. I use the Ableton stock compressor and limiter alot. But I really love the Fab Filter products. Also, Upstereo and Faturator.

8. What was the best reaction you've gotten when a fan got to meet you?
Just the fact that we have fans is a blessing.

9. How did you discover Vandalism?
Through friends.

10. What makes you choose Vandalism over other competitors?
The quantity and quality of your sound design and pricing!

*All pictures of DVBBS come from their facebook. Follow them for more!