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Breathing Life Into Yoru Tracks



A common problem producers struggle with is filling up their tracks with space and energy. Making tracks sound “full” is a common struggle, as well as making tracks sound lively and interesting.

A great way to solve both of these problems is to add noise recordings to your productions. There are plenty of ways you can approach this process. The classic trick for high energy EDM is to add subtle layers of crowd noise or white noise to the drop of your track. When doing this, make sure to EQ and process the noise so that it’s not distracting from your mix while still adding energy and tension.

Another classic example is to layer vinyl noise underneath your track to fill it up and add vintage “warmth”. 

     Adding atmospheric noises, such as a waterfall or city noise, is a great way to add life to your tracks. There are plenty of great online resources for noise recordings (search “foley samples”). However, recording your own sounds is a great way to add a personal touch to your productions. Even if you don’t have a field recorder, use your smartphone to record the environments around you. 



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