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Tips & Tricks

Multiband Sidechain  There may be situations where we want to side-chain only specific frequency bands.

Finding Inspirations With inspiration in mind you'll approach producing with an open and creative mindset.

Parallel Distortion An excellent way to get unique and interesting tones out of our synths.

EQ Matching Often referencing a professional track can be difficult.

Breathing Life Into Your Tracks Making track sound full is a common struggle.

Layering Live Instruments A great way to overcome dull sounds.

Creative Reverb Processing How to process and shape our reverb to make it mix and groove with the track.

How To Find The Chords Of Any Songs One of the best ways to become a better musician is to break down popular tracks and learn why they work.

Using Music Theory To Clean Your Mix Spreading out our notes will help make our mixes sound fuller and cleaner.

How To Start Mixing There is one simple approach we can take to make our mixing decisions easier.

Removing Harsh Frequencies Make your sound crips and clean.

Hard-hitting drums Making your drums sound louder with a stronger punch and attack.

Tuning Your Drums Having your drums tuned correctly to the track will make them fit better with the rest of your mix.