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Martin Garrix "Really cool packs. Nice thing from Vandalism is that they create sounds from exisiting tracks. You should check it out!"

Armin Van Buuren "I'm really impressed by the programming of the Vandalism Library. A lot of sounds are instantly usable and i like how they keep their sounds current but not overused! Every artist has a unique sounds and i harldy ever use preset as it is, but these are great as a start for instant inspiration. This is simple one of the best out there!"

R3hab "I love Vandalism banks! I have used them in so many projects!!!"

KSHMR "I have used Vandalism in all of my recent work. If there are better soundsets for Sylenth1, I haven't found them."

MOTi "I love Vandalism soundsets. I use them in almost every project for lead sounds, to make arps or for the big synths in the breakdowns! Keep up the good work, I love it!"

Tom Swoon "Vandalism banks are definitely top notch! Easily tweakable super-fresh soundsets suitable for most producers out there!"

Lost Frequencies "Vandalism is a cool way to come out with original sounds and tracks without spending tons of times working on your synth and samples! I will surely stay updated with all the next sample packs releases!"

Jay Hardway "Loving the Vandalism soundbanks because of the great quality of the sounds! With these sounds it immediately makes your productions sound more clean and professional! They contain a lot of sounds which are perfect for layering as well!"

Blasterjaxx "With Vandalism you know you choose for quality and diversity. They are following the trends in music so buying their packs we always know that there's material in there which we can use in our productions."

Alvaro "I love shocking sounds! They always deliver the right sounds for my productions and it's so easy to change them and create original anthems for my tracks. I can't wait for Vandalism to bring out their latest packs, so that every production has  the most popular sounds!"

Dzeko & Torres "We absolutely love Vandalism. We use a lot of their effects and fill samples, and we especially love the Sylenth and Spire banks. Most of the sounds are already good enough to use by themselves, but the real magic comes when you start layering them! The shocking soundns collection are the best Sylenth packs you can get!"

Thomas Gold "I love the Vandalism  soundsets, the presets are always well crafted and sound absolutely great and up-to-date! Very inspiring stuff, I use them for my productions a lot!"

Dannic "Vandalism really is one of the best out there! Their sets are a great jump-off point of inspiration for both fans and producers, offering the latest popular sounds but also leaving enough room for artists to re-work their music to have that individual edge!"

Uberjak'd "Quality! The sounds are always really clean, after some eq and compression they will always sound really massive!"

Zaxx "I've been using Vandalism since i first started producing...I think everyone has:) Vandalism sounds are quality. Get the job done well, adn i will continue to use them!"

Riggi & Piros "We've been using the Vandalism banks a lot in our productions lately! They stay super up to date, plus the sound quality is always amazing. A must get. Keep em comin' guys!"

Skytech "Vandalism are my go to soundsets. Love the Serum and ANA banks especially. If you're looking for diversity and quality, there is no better way than to pick one of Vandalism packs."

Higher Self "Vandalism make some great sounds!"

FTampa "I use Vandalism sounds in all my tracks. I love to work with Sylenth1 and Spire and they have the best presets so far!"

Max Vangeli "I've been producing for many years now and since there is so little time for analogue gear i rely a lot on plug-ins such as Sylenth1. And when it comes to sound design guys at Vandalism always seem to make it right!"

VINAI "Great fresh sounds! We use them in our productions!"

Global Deejays "These guys have been providing top-notch EDM sounds for quite a while now. These are our favourite Sylenth1 presets by far! 10/10."

Remady "If you are looking for professional touch for your tracks then you're absolutely right at Vandalism Sounds. They're just amazing and it's unbelievable how fast you reach your goals! I almost use them in every track i produce."

Lucky Date "Vandalism sounds are top notch! As a synth designer I am blown away at their accurate re-creations as well as their unique sounds. Amazing stuff here!"

Eddie Thoneick "Vandalism create tools that are future oriented. They really stand out as their sounds are not just average but makes you take your productions a step further. Their sound is always fresh and crisp and can add that additional 20% to your tracks."

Kura "When i start a new track or i'm looking for something fresh i always open some of the shocking sounds presets, very easy to use and with the freshest sounds out there!"

Rene Rodrigezz "Crazy sounds! I have used them (Shocking Sounds) in many songs. Good job guys!"

Alpharock "I love using the soundsets of Vandalism! It gives you the perfect jump start for making a track. When I begin a new track I always start with a preset of Vandalism so I can focus on the melodies. After that I try to tweak them and give them an own twist!"

Dj Kuba & Neitan "Vandalism is definitely worldwide leader in providing fantastic soundbanks. We use them in a lot of our productions. Keep up the good work. We can't wait for the next packs."

Felguk "Vandalism sounds are probably the best packs out there. They made our lives much easier in the studio, providing excellent starting points for a really high quality rich sound, that you can easily tweak towards your personal taste."

Apster "Vandalism packs are awesome! Fresh sounds and easy tweakable. The best thing to use if you want to create your next big track."

Tony Romera "Vandalism soundsets are freaking awesome! I have used them in almost every track. They are really powerful sounds and it's so easy to change them to create unique sound. Thank you guys so much! "

Joachim Garraud "There is one incredible thing about Vandalism: They all are made by creators, who for sure, are clubbers and love good music on big soundsystems. They are so easy to use, with a lot of presets, that you can get the sound you want in a few minutes. I'm truely fan of these soundsets!"

John De Sohn "Vandalism gives me a lot of inspiration. These soundsets always give me the edge to my productions. Shocking Sounds are just amazing!"

First State "Great soundsets from the guys at Vandalism. It's just top notch sound design and a great starting point for big sounds that saves you hours of tweaking in the studio. I use these banks daily."

Peter Luts "I really love the soundpacks from Vandalism. The sounds are really useful and they give me instant ideas for tracks!! They are made by people who know for sure what dance producers need!!!"

Toby Green "Vandalism always has the answer for any contemporary sounds. My #1 go-to for sounds 'that just work'."

Alex Adair "The Vandalism presets for Sylenth are always of a high quality! I've used them in various projects when looking for inspiration to build a sound. Would definitely recommend!"

Stafford Brothers "Vandalism have the most current sounds heard in production topping the charts. The presets sound great without any adjusments and are a must-have for any producer out there!"

Marcelo CIC "I really love Vandalism sounds! I have used them in almost every track. I'm always looking forward to the new releases because Vandalism gives me a lot of inspiration to mix my layers to get unique sounds. I can't imagine my trakcs without any of these sounds. Keep rocking!."

Dj Bl3nd "Vandalism sounds are awesome!!! So many good sounds to choose from. This is always fun when making music, the possiblities are endless with these Vandalism!!!

Shanahan "By a long shot Vandalism bring a punch with each pack they release. I'm using their soundsets and midi ideas in every single project from here forward, they are the most advanced company available on the market today!"

Dirty Rush & Gregor Es "Vandalism packs are the best! They deliver always a lot of very useful and fresh presets that you can drop to your project even without tweaking!"

Nils Van Zandt "Scored my first number 1 hit in dutch I-Tunes charts together with 'shocking' soundbanks of Vandalism. Can't start a new project without these massive presets!"

Jochen Miller "Love the Vandalism sound banks, easy to use and they sound really amazing! Keep up the good work guys!"

Rank1 "These Vandalism packs are exaclty what you'd expect: big in sounds, well eq-ed and leveled. It won't really matter what kind of electronic music you make, they all are usable. Gonna be my favourite for a long time!"

Sean & Bobo "The Vandalism sounds are always a step ahead of most of the sounds on the market, good quality, future sounds! Helps you a lot to get new ideas to create unique music."

Boostedkids "We really love the shocking sounds collection! So powerful! They deliver a lot of inspiration and creativity, that's why we are always looking for the latest pack. These sounds are the sounds that every producer must have for doing great House tracks!!!"