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1. What is the best part about being a producer?
- I love making music, so to being able to do that for a career is crazy. Also, when there's a great reaction to one of your tracks, and people are showing it a lot of love, that's a great feeling as well.
2. How did it all start for you?
- I've played piano since I was very young, so I've always been around music. I studied music at school, college and the uni. I actually made 'Make Me Feel Better' as part of my final year dissertation at university.
3. What would you be doing now if it wasn't for music?
- At college I also studied Physics and Maths, looking to go into Mechanical engineering, but I actually got disqualified from one of my exams. So I decided to push on with Music. So something in the Mechanical engineering world.
4. Is talent, hard work, or the connections you make the most important factor for being successful?
Obviously you need the talent first and foremost. But hard work gets you your break, it's not just going to be handed out to you. And then knowing the right people/having them support you can be integral. So all three.    
5. When do you usually make music?
- Literally whenever. I don't work in a studio, i just work from my bedroom. I don't set out any time for it. Sometimes inspiration will just come to me in the middle of the night and i'll get up and start writing stuff.
6. What is your favorite synthesizer? Which one do you use most in your productions?
- Sylenth for a lot of sounds. I find it visually easy to comprehend, so I can create a lot of sounds. I also use the Korg M1 soft synth quite a lot.
7. Do you work on mastering/mixing by yourself? Favorite Compressor/ Limiter/Maximizer?
Yeah I do everything myself. When they're done, my tracks will go off to a master engineer, who will just make it a bit louder really. I use a lot of the Waves stuff, and use 'The Glue' compressor by Cytomic a lot as well. 
8. What was the best reaction you've gotten when a fan got to meet you?
- I haven't had any crazy reactions or anything, just always nice to hear people showing love to my music. 
9. How did you discover Vandalism?
- I think looking for various presets over the years, which have always been good!
10. What makes you choose Vandalism over other competitors?
- When i'm looking for some different sounds for my productions, I think the Vandalism presets can be a really good foundation to build and inspire a sound.

 All pictures of Alex Adair come from his facebook. Follow him for more!