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What will you learn?

  • Utilizing multiple piano modules to create layers to form one major piano
  • Processing and layering pianos to create larger spectrum pianos
  • Layering 3-­‐4 layers to achieve low/mid/high warmth within pianos
  • Mid/Side Eqing to create space and clarity within your layers


Duration: 20 min 47 sec

Learn how to thicken and balance your pianos. We've put together this video showing everything from eqing, processing, layering & placement to help you bring your pianos to life. No longer will your pianos sound bland & dull, check out or new tutorial now!


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How to download?

When your video is playing click right mouse button and choose 'save as'. This will let you download the full video on your desktop.

Piano Layering

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Regular Price: £5.00

Special Price: £4.00


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